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At On The Move Physiotherapy, Marjolijn uses proven physiotherapy techniques, some of which are explained here:

NDT/Bobath method:  NDT stands for Neurologic Developmental Treatment and this is a method originally developed by a Karl and Bertha Bobath , who were a doctor and a physiotherapist . The method is mainly aimed a patients after stroke (ischaemic or haemorrhagic) but the principles of it also work for people with other central neurological disorders, e.g. M.S., traumatic brain injury, ataxic disorders to name but a few. It aims to reduce the excess tension and tightness in certain muscle groups and increase the function of the lesser used and weaker muscle groups and in doing so it will normalize movement patterns.

Marjolijn will sometimes combine the NDT with aspects of the Brunnstrom method, a lesser known method of treatment for stroke. which focusses on using the existing reflexes and movement patterns to move on quicker through the development process to more normal movement patterns. This method requires more in-depth knowledge of normal and pathological reflex and movement patterns.

Orthopaedic Manual Therapy  (Cyriax/ Kaltenborn / Evjenth concept) is a concept that requires in-depth knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology (movement-science) to systematically test the body's structures to establish a diagnosis of which structure (e.g. muscle, joint, nervous system) is affected in a musculoskeletal problem. It then allows for a targeted treatment for this structure and speedier recovery. the treatments mainly consists of massage and deep frictions, stretches and strengthening.

Kinesio Taping is a method of taping that is rapidly gaining popularity, developed by Japanese doctor Kenzo Kase from 1979. The popularity is mainly due to the fact that this thin and well-tolerated elastic tape is continuing to "tell" the involved and taped muscle to activate or relax. It enables a continuation of the treatment after the treatment, often for a couple of days and this can then cause a structural change. Kinesio Taping is very well researched and has proven benefits.  Kinesio Taping is not something that can be learned online.

Pilates method was originally developed by Joseph H. Pilates who had quite some health issues but he managed to optimize his functioning by exercising his body. His methods saw a lot of followers many of which have taken his exercises and perfected or optimized them for certain target groups. The method Marjolijn was trained in was Stott Pilates, which aims to have all their instructors teach Pilates in exactly the same way, worldwide. The aim of the Stott Pilates is to develop the safest and most effective programming fitness brands available. The method consists of more than 500 systematic mat and equipment-based exercises.

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