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Care for the Elderly  / Geriatrics

When people get older their bodies go through a lot of changes, gradually losing strength, flexibility, mobility and balance. as their joints and muscles age, often there is an element of pain, impacting even more on strength and mobility and the will and intent to move. This then causes a vicious circle. Physiotherapy is the modality of choice to positively effect the pain and strength, breaking through this vicious circle and re-introducing activity.

Studies have shown that every year 30-40% of people over 65 are affected by falls. About half of the falls result in some type of injury and falls may contribute to a decline in functioning, loss of independence and quality of life, fear of moving, and some serious falls-related injuries can even reduce life-expectancy. Research has also shown that balance and strengthening exercises can significantly reverse all the mentioned adverse effects of falls and prevent recurrences of falls. At On The Move Physiotherapy we will assess the Older Person's risk of falls, by assessing a few elements like strength and balance and we can set up a personalized programme to prevent falls. We are currently underway to set up a group-based exercise scheme which has shown very good results in various studies. To register you interest for the falls-prevention group or to book an appointment with On The Move Physiotherapy, please contact us.


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