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There are several neurological conditions that do well with regular physiotherapy treatments , i.e. stroke/CVA, traumatic brain injury, M.S. and Parkinson's disease, to name but a few. 

Stroke patients are looked after in the initial stages by acute hospital staff and might have  a period of rehabilitation. Following that, physiotherapy treatments might still be available but not as frequently as the patients might like. Most of the recovery after stroke takes place in the first six months. After that, patients settle in new movement patterns which sometimes result in shortening and/or weakening of certain muscles, impacting on patient's movements. Traumatic Brain Injury tends to have very similar effects on the body and limits patient's freedom of movement.

M.S. and Parkinson's Disease are often characterized by a steady decline in muscle function, with weakening and shortening of muscles and feelings of tightness.

At On The Move Physiotherapy, Marjolijn is highly trained and experienced with treating these neurological conditions. She will assess you in your own home, she can assess the daily limitations that you are experiencing and she will set realistic goals with you for your treatments and to improve your quality of life.

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